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Our Vision

We are creating an environment that is clean, stress free, and relaxing. Our products and services that we provide benefit the health of our customers. We highly value our customer health and their state mind. We are pushing for Health is the New Wealth. We believed with health you are truly wealthy.

Our Story

We are here to provide you the best experience of Relaxation and Rejuvenating when you join us at ZenQuility. Our Team here are professional and well trained in what they do. We are happy and very energetic to serve you! Peace awaits you here at ZenQuility.

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Ms. Forrest Richards comes to the skin care profession from a show business background. After receiving her license, she quickly made the change from stage to spa and is enjoying being a facial specialist. Naturally, Forrest is interested in looking youthful so she knows a lot personally about anti-aging products and treatments.  Her clients express that Forrest helps them relax and rejuvenate totally!  She specializes in anti-aging and galvanic lift treatments, microdermabrasion, acupressure facial massage, collagen masks and chemical peels.